A Message From Mother Earth

My friend, you may call me Love, or The Loving Mother. You wish to know about the plants and forests. All of these things, along with your human selves, are my children. You are born of me, and spring from me. I LIVE as you do and hold my place in the firmament as I indulge my longing for the higher virtues, the greater understandings. I, too, have questions to be answered, but I am happy to take this opportunity to answer those of yours that I am able.

Is there intelligence in lifeforms beyond those you understand to be "cognizant?" Do plants, rocks, birds, air, have intelligence? Yes, my friend, you would be frightened if you knew the scope of intelligence and that it exists in all things. But you would not recognize intelligence in all of these areas because it does not correspond to your ideas regarding that which is worth thinking about.

For plants, it is not so necessary for them, as it is for you, to express individuality. They are not as ego bound as you are. They require no such proof of their aliveness as individual achievement provides for you. Make no mistake, your path is not wrong. You are clearly designed to express differently than plants, but you would at times find comfort in being a little more like them, if only because you share a common ancestry through the earth. And so, communing with me, Mother Earth, and with my rooted babies will feel naturally pleasant for each of you.

With regard to the future of this planet, there will continue to be earth movements, erratic weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanos, and so forth, as adjustments take place. And many will continue to predict doom. Those who require--or create for themselves through expectation--such experiences will "enjoy" them, while those focussed elsewhere will manifest a different experience.

I am not really all that disturbed about the havoc you humans have wrought on my surface. It is like a case of adolescent acne. It is transient and correctable. Such is the "nature" of my work; of my larger self. You have made ugly scars upon me on a microscopic level, and you have killed my creatures in your attempts to assert your superiority, a longing created by your negating your own larger self, and a dwelling upon the outer, or physical self which is all many of you perceive as reality.

What you have caused, in your clumsy efforts to own, to command, to provide yourselves always with more of what you think you do not own--and more of what you feel will make you better, of happier persons--these things I have in abundance. My surface skin is resilient. If you drink my oil, I have more to give. If you tunnel deep within my surface, I heal the wound. Through a small hiccough I right again the things you made "wrong."

Watch a colony of ants. Their endeavours are so important to them, as their little social structures they uphold; as their hierarchies of leadership they employ; as their minute grains of food they labour to forage for their community. They seem so self important as they burrow holes through my soil and my trees, and yet they are but some of the tiniest of creatures.

Watch yourselves as you make your way through your day, scurrying, hurrying, worrying about all the things that seem so important, so world shatteringly important to you. Realise you are but ants, going through the same survival processes, but for your minds which add such complexity to your doings. There is truly nothing more important in your lives than eating, creating, recreating and procreating. All else is just the lemon wedge on the edge of the glass.

Abundance is all around you. I am abundance. And this is my gift eternally to you. Even in the raped forests there is yet abundance; there is yet life. Moreover, there remains in such ruins the expectation of new growth, and as much courage, determination, enthusiasm, love, optimism and joy in the fledgling growths as in any mature forest. After all, the souls inhabiting my creatures great and small are all equal.

If the exact destiny of the world, of myself and all my babies could be foretold, it would naturally take the fun out of living! Be unconcerned, for it is enough to raise your arms in loving tribute to the Sun and to the Creator with absolute faith that love shall not lead you astray.